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     First of all, thanks for being here.  Here you are now, but we want to take you somewhere else – a place with signs all along the path warning “Don’t Go There”!  Each aspect of this other place can raise either kinship or bitter divisiveness – depending on one’s point of view.  That is exactly why we have no choice but to venture into the zones of politics and religion.  It’s why we need to understand they really must be seen as one zone – that better choice between the two – kinship, friendship, and preferably even love through mutual understanding of what religion is supposed to mean and how it should affect our lives. 

     It is the essence of mankind (good or evil) that drives both these major, but apparently necessary aspects of society – of people learning to live and love together based on a moral relgion, or allowing the practicalities of a material world and personal needs and desires to drive us apart, perhaps even injurng or killing our spirit-souls.

     The subjects of politics and religion are intertwined within each of us, as our Godcosm book explains – while you can see for yourselves how the love or the hate is now being played out on a world stage.  Therefore, we invite you to read the book whether you decide you either hate it or love it.  That is likely what it will come down to.  Of course some of you will be like “ho hum” no doubt, which will translate to “life essentially has no meaning, as in… you live – you die… that’s it”.

     To those of you already saying ‘ho hum,’ we invite you to at least read what remains of this page; and we thank you all for your consideration.

     You may click any of our images, if and when you are ready to be transported to that ‘Other’ place.




[The following may be risky.  There are haters out there; but if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.]


Donald Trump cannot make America great again.  God can.  Will Egod work with God? No, but he would lie about it.




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Our goal is to change society into a purely moral state of mental essence and character.

Is it too late?  You decide. 

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